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Multiple collections in data sets (eg Mocks)

It would allow us to separate (eg) mock exams more clearly from our assessment data.It would be useful to be able to define whether the non-standard data sets are standalone (ie single use) or multi-collection data sets.
4 days ago in SISRA Analytics / Grade Data 0

Switch between qualifications in KS5

Would be useful to have a dropdown box on the screen to switch between qualifications. This is available on KS3/4 reports and is two less clicks than on KS5, making it easier and quicker to navigate between qualifications.
5 days ago in SISRA Analytics / KS5 0

Automatic student sync

Would stop the need to be creating spreadsheets at each data point containing information about the students.
about 1 year ago in SISRA Analytics / Admin 7

Comparing headline figures across multiple years

Schools would find it beneficial to be able to compare headline figures across multiple cohorts, on the same page, at the same time. They would like to be able to view trend reports.
about 1 year ago in SISRA Analytics / KS4 / Reports 3

Alternative KS2 Upload for whole cohorts

We have a large number of students join us each year with no KS2 data. We'd like to issue them all with a 'what-if' KS2 level to see what progress we would get if all students counted in our cohort.
24 days ago in SISRA Analytics / DfE/Statutory 0

Add chort without needing to do an EAP

No more details to add
about 1 year ago in SISRA Analytics / Admin 1

Ability to open multiple tabs

It'll be helpful to be able to compare different data. Even comparing matching pages to confirm you've selected the correct exams.
11 months ago in SISRA Analytics / Admin 0

Broadsheet analysis

This would help when targeting specific students in specific areas. It would be easier to then provide targeted intervention from this snapshot view, so see where each students P8, A8 or VA scores are being built up from.
18 days ago in SISRA Analytics / Grade Data 0

Export of End of Year Targets

It would be ideal to be able to export all flightpath data of a year group as a broadsheet so that we can use this to compare against other analytical software packages to see how to target other students quickly.
20 days ago in SISRA Analytics / Reports 0

KS3/KS4 - sort columns heading by clicking

Sort columns by clicking the heading, this is available in KS5 but not KS3/KS4.
about 1 year ago in SISRA Analytics / KS4 2