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Created on Mar 3, 2023

Functionality to copy over Reception Summer 2 summative assessment over to show in Primary Summative Assessment for Reading, Writing and Maths.

This feature was introduced in TT a few years ago, is extremely popular and will be expected by many. The Assessment Conversion Report (TT) and Assessment Conversion Matrix Report (Sonar) can show ELG to Yr1 / 2 data but not in the same way. Children who are emerging are all in the same row for example. No way to show children who are 'above'. Many schools do not add an Autumn 1 assessment for Yr 1 and find they prefer to use the Rec Sum 2 data as a baseline.

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Indicate to Yr 1 teachers which children finished EYFS below / at / above ARE in R/W/M where they will be adding Autumn assessments in Yr1. Also, for progress reports to be run from Rec Sum2 for children in yr1 and beyond......

Establishment Juniper Education
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