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PINNED BETA Student List and Pupil Report Feedback
This report is currently in BETA phase which means that we would like to gain your feedback to help us refine it, before it is officially launched in the New Year. If you would like to be part of our research, simply sign up to our Product Discove...


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Record Book Bands Colour

Schools using Oxford Reading Tree or Read/Write/Inc track which book band a child is on through a coloured chart. Many like to keep a record of this and report to parents. The ability to be able to collect this data would be a nice to have feature.
10 months ago in Sonar  / Other 0

Alphabetical order - first name and last name

A choice of how to list data would be useful
about 1 year ago in Sonar  / Other 2 Already exists

Statutory Data Returns from Sonar

What is it? Teachers make decisions on end of Key Stage judgements using their assessment software. Entering them into MIS is additional work and time consuming. If these judgements could be made in Sonar, then sent to MIS or LA this would reduce ...
about 1 year ago in Sonar  / Imports/Exports 1

Percentage Breakdown report for Targets

In OTrack the Mapping Attainment or Whole School Mapping Attainment are distribution reports which plot pupils based on their attainment in each term Plus their End of Year Targets
11 months ago in Sonar  / KS1/KS2 Reports 0 Future consideration

Being able to set end of Key Stage targets that can be edited but remain with the child until they leave

Currently, we set end of year targets but also end of Key Stage targets each year. We would like to be able to set our end of year targets as a stepping stone each year towards an end of Key Stage target that has already been set.
7 months ago in Sonar  / Summative Data 0

EYFS 2012 Progress

What is it? The ability to measure progress for children from EYFS 2012 in the Assessment Conversion Matrix Report. This report currently only allows you to select ELG 2020 however pupils in years 1-6 have ELG2012 data
over 1 year ago in Sonar  / End of Year Reports / EYFS / EYFS Reports / Reporting / Statutory Data 1 In Development

Include the ability to attach documents eg MyPlans to an individual child.

It would be useful for MyPlans to be available for staff to see, and as a record as they progress through the school
2 months ago in Sonar  / Other 0

otrack report onto sonar

On Sonar the single pupil report card only lets you select three subjects and you have to go in and out of the report to generate multiple reports, too time consuming and there are no features to add details such as attendance
9 months ago in Sonar  / End of Year Reports 1

Using EYFS 2020 as a baseline for setting termly targets in Otrack.

EYFS 2012 is no longer used so there is no way to use the termly target function to set targets for Years 1 and 2.
2 months ago in Sonar  / Summative Data 0

To be able to export data to enter into another school

In Target Tracker, schools can export Infant School pupil data and import this into the Junior so that there Formative and Summative assessment history can be seen in the Juniors.
12 months ago in Sonar  / Imports/Exports 0 Future consideration