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PINNED BETA Student List and Pupil Report Feedback
This report is currently in BETA phase which means that we would like to gain your feedback to help us refine it, before it is officially launched in the New Year. If you would like to be part of our research, simply sign up to our Product Discove...

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Comparison Spreadsheet

It would be great if we could have a broad sheet that show's all the students in a year group with all of the subjects and then select grades to compare. EG Predicted grade compared to target with the Predicted colour coded depending on if the are...
12 months ago in SISRA Analytics / Reports 0

KS5 tracker

Anyone who has to create tracking documents at KS5 comparing to previous collections.
about 1 year ago in SISRA Analytics / KS5 0

Remove Gifted & Talented as a Default Filter

11 months ago in SISRA Analytics / Admin 1

Report Filter Enhancements

What is it? We currently have the addition of Ethnicity filters to reports planned but we would also like to know what other filters customers may find useful in the system Discovery Questions What contextual pupil information would be useful to f...
over 1 year ago in Sonar  / Filters 1 Planned

Able to see overview of class

as above
about 1 month ago in Sonar  / Other 0

EYFS reporting

It is useful to see an overview of the each area of learning as a whole, as this will inform the data for the ELGs & GLD at the end of the year
about 1 month ago in Sonar  / EYFS Reports 0

Add individual SPI to broad shseet export

We manually generate an excel spreadsheet with every student and their SPI for each subject so that we can see where the issues are.
about 1 year ago in SISRA Analytics / Reports 1

Produce single pupil reports to share statutory assessments with parents

TT has produced these historically and customers find them an invaluable time saver.
5 months ago in Sonar  / Statutory Data 2 Planned

Attainment vs Progress - ability to select more than one year group

To be able to summarise for governors how the school is performing for progress and attainment - a report showing each year group's headline figures
7 months ago in Sonar  / Reporting 0

Show Historical Results on One Page

Have an area where headline Progress 8/Attainment/SPI etc. can be view from different academic years, side-by-side. If a user of SISRA wants to see three years' history of Progress 8, they currently have to perform at least six click, per academic...
9 months ago in SISRA Analytics / Reports 0