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PINNED BETA Student List and Pupil Report Feedback
This report is currently in BETA phase which means that we would like to gain your feedback to help us refine it, before it is officially launched in the New Year. If you would like to be part of our research, simply sign up to our Product Discove...

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Automatic flagging of missing KS4/KS5 target grades for students assigned to a class linked to a qualification

Would not need to prevent anything else running as there may not be a need for a target grade in some cases but would be a useful tool, expecially for those with a large turnover of students and/or multiple colleagues doing SISRA admin
about 1 year ago in SISRA Analytics / Grade Data 0

Year 4 Multiplication Test results

This should be under the Statutory Assessments column between Keys Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. It should be very similar to the phonics test result page. Staff need to use this information for intervention groups in Year 5.
about 1 year ago in Sonar  / Statutory Data 2 Planned

Year 12 baselines from Year 11 data

At the moment the Y12 baseline data isn't yet available on GIAP and it would make things quicker if we could run a report from Y11 on SISRA to give us a file ready to upload for y12. We would still need to add in external new students but it would...
25 days ago in SISRA Analytics / Reports 0

Horsforth Quadrant in the charts section

This helps to identify pupil intervention groups, 4 groups are produced, High effort high progress, high effort low progress, low effort high progress and low effort low progress.
11 months ago in SISRA Analytics / Reports 0

All of the drop down menus stay down until you are finished selecting / deselecting.

It would be beneficial if you could make all of your selections / deselections in one go without having to repeatedly click in the menu to make it drop down, then select / deselect.
about 1 year ago in Sonar  / Filters 1 In Research

Tag events on the calendar so they appear on pages

We would like to be able to tag calendar events so they appear on certain pages similar to how news articles do. This way we don't have to add events as news articles to allow us to add extra content at the bottom of the page.
9 months ago in Juniper Websites / Pages 0 In Research

Ability to publish all reports associated with one Year Group

I would like a 'Publish All' facility for each Year Group so all all associated reports could be published in one action. This used to be available. I realise it was problematic on exam days but it could be toggled off centrally on these heavy pro...
6 months ago in SISRA Analytics / Reports 0

Report that shows end of year targets

This would be used by many stakeholders e.g. Headteacher, Assessment lead, teachers, Governors and Local Authority advisors. Governors request this information and we should be able to run a report that shows this as the information is already on ...
28 days ago in Sonar  / Reporting 0

Power BI Dashboard

SLT use it but also by adding filters, departments can look at their data by subgroups or classes to identify areas for development.
about 2 months ago in SISRA Analytics / Student Data 0

Attainment and Progress Summary report

This allowed us to compare different groups (Classes/year groups/deprivation/boys/girls etc) quickly and visually so everyone could see. Sonar seems to have no alternative and no reports I can run for the whole school at all.
about 1 year ago in Sonar  / KS1/KS2 Reports 3