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PINNED BETA Student List and Pupil Report Feedback
This report is currently in BETA phase which means that we would like to gain your feedback to help us refine it, before it is officially launched in the New Year. If you would like to be part of our research, simply sign up to our Product Discove...

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Ofsted Algorithm

To have an algorithm that will evaluate when specific pages of the website in relation to Ofsted are being looked at which will alert users of the website that Ofsted may be visiting soon.
8 months ago in Juniper Websites / CMS 1 Future consideration

End of Year Parent Report

What is it? End of year Parent Report including statutory information Discovery questions What does this look like? What information would you expect to see included?
over 1 year ago in Sonar  / Notes / Parental Engagement / Reporting 3 Future consideration

To be able to set Targets based on prior attainment

In TT and OT, Targets can be automatically generated from prior attainment - eg, from TA at end of previous Key Stage, or based on a specific term's TA. It would be really useful for Sonar to have this and would cut down on teacher/SLT workload.
10 months ago in Sonar  / Summative Data 0 Future consideration

Pupil Attainment Report for all aspects

It would be useful to be able to see my whole class and track them across all aspects of learning at a glance.
about 1 year ago in Sonar  / EYFS 2 Future consideration

Edit Summary View

In Target Tracker, it was an option to edit wha tyou want to see in the summary view. At the minute there is a lot of informaiton and it would be good to select which to get rid of (For example, we dont need to see any of the 'NOT' categories. Als...
about 1 year ago in Sonar  / Reporting 4 Future consideration

To be able to pull up the formative statements to reference when completing summative assessments

I need to reference the formative assesment statements
about 1 year ago in Sonar  / Summative Data 0 Future consideration

Create individual Data reports in EYFS. This is a function in the Primary section but not in EYFS. It is needed for all children.

Create individual pupil reports in EYFS
11 months ago in Sonar  / EYFS 1 Future consideration

Baseline data

There needs to be the facility to add baseline data for Reception and nursery children at the start of the year. We assess whether they are ready for the curriulum that yr group delivers so use the codes from the year before. There is no facility ...
11 months ago in Sonar  / EYFS 0 Future consideration

Percentage Breakdown report for Targets

In OTrack the Mapping Attainment or Whole School Mapping Attainment are distribution reports which plot pupils based on their attainment in each term Plus their End of Year Targets
11 months ago in Sonar  / KS1/KS2 Reports 0 Future consideration

To be able to export data to enter into another school

In Target Tracker, schools can export Infant School pupil data and import this into the Junior so that there Formative and Summative assessment history can be seen in the Juniors.
12 months ago in Sonar  / Imports/Exports 0 Future consideration