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PINNED BETA Student List and Pupil Report Feedback
This report is currently in BETA phase which means that we would like to gain your feedback to help us refine it, before it is officially launched in the New Year. If you would like to be part of our research, simply sign up to our Product Discove...


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Ability to export reports to Word and Excel as well as a PDF

It will be useful for teachers to print out reports in a readable format not over many many pages. Could be used for Pupil progress meetings. Classroom monitor had the function to export to excel.
11 months ago in Sonar  / Imports/Exports 0

Target Summary

We have really missed the Target Setting overview that Target Tracker offered when analysing data. Having a total percentage of children targeted for ARE or above etc as a summary when setting targets would be really helpful.
about 1 year ago in Sonar  / Reporting 6

A parent report for the end of the year

This feature woould be very useful as it would provide the parent with the data for their child but also a written comment and attendance data too.
11 months ago in Sonar  / End of Year Reports 0

End of Year Parent Report

What is it? End of year Parent Report including statutory information Discovery questions What does this look like? What information would you expect to see included?
over 1 year ago in Sonar  / Notes / Parental Engagement / Reporting 3 Future consideration

Year 4 Multiplication Test results

This should be under the Statutory Assessments column between Keys Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. It should be very similar to the phonics test result page. Staff need to use this information for intervention groups in Year 5.
about 1 year ago in Sonar  / Statutory Data 2 Planned

All of the drop down menus stay down until you are finished selecting / deselecting.

It would be beneficial if you could make all of your selections / deselections in one go without having to repeatedly click in the menu to make it drop down, then select / deselect.
about 1 year ago in Sonar  / Filters 1 In Research

Report Filter Enhancements

What is it? We currently have the addition of Ethnicity filters to reports planned but we would also like to know what other filters customers may find useful in the system Discovery Questions What contextual pupil information would be useful to f...
over 1 year ago in Sonar  / Filters 1 Planned

Attainment and Progress Summary report

This allowed us to compare different groups (Classes/year groups/deprivation/boys/girls etc) quickly and visually so everyone could see. Sonar seems to have no alternative and no reports I can run for the whole school at all.
about 1 year ago in Sonar  / KS1/KS2 Reports 3

Functionality to copy over Reception Summer 2 summative assessment over to show in Primary Summative Assessment for Reading, Writing and Maths.

This feature was introduced in TT a few years ago, is extremely popular and will be expected by many. The Assessment Conversion Report (TT) and Assessment Conversion Matrix Report (Sonar) can show ELG to Yr1 / 2 data but not in the same way. Child...
9 months ago in Sonar  / Summative Data 0

Performance vs Targets

We need to track how our pupils are performing vs the targets that were set at the beginning of the school year
7 months ago in Sonar  / Reporting 2