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Option to filter by ethnicity. We want to be able to track ethnic groups for attainment and progress data like we could when we had OTRACK

I would like to be able to look at the attainment and progress data for a particular ethnic group e.g Black African/ any other white
about 1 month ago in Juniper General 0

Formative Assessment Report

The idea would also be that additional reports could be created by e.g. clicking on one particular objective.
about 2 months ago in Juniper General 0

Pulling data into Power BI or Excel

Currently, I am able to connect to Bromcom using API. This gives me lots of flexibility in creating reports and dashboards. I understand this is not possible using SISRA. It would be great to have the opportunity to use API to connect to SISRA.
7 months ago in Juniper General 1

Ability to delete/edit calendar categories ourself

I want to delete/edit calendar categories myself when i name it wrong
9 months ago in Juniper General 0

Attendance summary report

To be able to use data held in Juniper in a summary document like we had in Target Tracker - so useful for so many things, and to add in attendance % .
11 months ago in Juniper General 0

An option to remove pupils (from data) who have joined school at various points, not starting with the reception cohort.

It would allow us to vie the data of those children who begin and end their primary journey with us. This would be helpful to share with external agencies as transience is an issue.
6 months ago in Juniper General 0

Basic Characteristics report

Need to be able to produce a report that shows the make up of our cohort - useful for governors, inspectors, teachers
11 months ago in Juniper General 0

Ability to print Assessment Conversion Reports for 3 core subjects at once, as we could in Target Tracker

To be able to print out 3 core subjects at once would speed up process
11 months ago in Juniper General 0

Auto fill of fields on education ideas portal

Why do we have to fill in name, role, establishment and postcode each time we add an idea, when we have registered already? These fields should be auto-populated at login
about 1 year ago in Juniper General 1