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Switch between qualifications in KS5

Would be useful to have a dropdown box on the screen to switch between qualifications. This is available on KS3/4 reports and is two less clicks than on KS5, making it easier and quicker to navigate between qualifications.
5 days ago in SISRA Analytics / KS5 0

Data Collaboration at KS5

DfE data is published in Jan/Feb almost 6 months after the results are "out". A data collaboration excercise similar to that for KS4 outcomes would give us an early indication of school and subject level VA data.
9 months ago in SISRA Analytics / KS5 0

KS5 tracker

Anyone who has to create tracking documents at KS5 comparing to previous collections.
about 1 year ago in SISRA Analytics / KS5 0

Different data sets per term

Our introductory grade runs between 4 and 16 and is recorded by subject.
about 1 month ago in SISRA Analytics / KS5 0

Allow qualification's to be marked as dropped in KS5

simply need to mark a subjects as being dropped by a student
12 months ago in SISRA Analytics / KS5 0

Ability to compare with National Headline Data for KS5

Previously in Legacy we were able to add the Headline data and then compare with our KS5 data and export.
9 months ago in SISRA Analytics / KS5 0

Ability to plot graphically ATLs v Value Added/APS etc

Heads of Years and tutors would benefit to see visually where students are underperforming and potential reasons bhind this (as collected in the ATLs)
about 1 year ago in SISRA Analytics / KS5 0

Rename EAP for KS5

All staff would know immediately that the latest data is being measured against the school target as we don't use the term EAP in school.
2 months ago in SISRA Analytics / KS5 0

Adding Print Button to KS5 EAP Individual Student Reports

There should be a print record feature and a download option as there is in KS4 to then drive off the data for a third party/parent/student etc.
12 months ago in SISRA Analytics / KS5 0

Subject specific reports

The ability to restrict access to the reports so that teachers can only view the information relevant to their subject. e.g. teachers in the English department can only see the results for English Language and English Literature.
about 1 year ago in SISRA Analytics / KS3 / KS4 / KS5 / Reports 0