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Allow HTML in the Emergency Pop message

This will allow links to be added to the Emergency Pop Up to pages on our website for further information about an event or an incident.
5 months ago in Juniper Websites / News/Articles 0

Enable mass/multiple delete of News Stories/Articles by resident site Admin

Site admin would be able to manage this task indepndently at request of senior leadership without having to put in a ticket.
11 months ago in Juniper Websites / News/Articles 0

Resize images when adding them to pages and news stories

Ability to optimise images to ensure website speed is not hindered when adding new content.
about 3 years ago in Juniper Websites / News/Articles / Pages 0

Ability to subscribe to news feeds / vacancy post email updates

Create a subscription form option so that users can apply to receive new job alerts / news story alerts to their email inboxes (rather than via RSS).
over 2 years ago in Juniper Websites / News/Articles / Pages / Photos/Galleries 0