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End of Year Reports

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A parent report for the end of the year

This feature woould be very useful as it would provide the parent with the data for their child but also a written comment and attendance data too.
11 months ago in Sonar  / End of Year Reports 0

EYFS 2012 Progress

What is it? The ability to measure progress for children from EYFS 2012 in the Assessment Conversion Matrix Report. This report currently only allows you to select ELG 2020 however pupils in years 1-6 have ELG2012 data
over 1 year ago in Sonar  / End of Year Reports / EYFS / EYFS Reports / Reporting / Statutory Data 1 In Development

otrack report onto sonar

On Sonar the single pupil report card only lets you select three subjects and you have to go in and out of the report to generate multiple reports, too time consuming and there are no features to add details such as attendance
9 months ago in Sonar  / End of Year Reports 1

Primary parent report showing summative data for all subjects and attendance %

I am looking for one table that gives me summative data for all subjects for each child and attendance data that can be sent out with parent reports.
9 months ago in Sonar  / End of Year Reports 0

Download of parent report into separate documents

We currently download a class parents report and it all goes into one document and we have to copy and paste it across. It would be useful to be able to download your whole class but into separate documents. It would be even better if there was a ...
6 months ago in Sonar  / End of Year Reports 0